Transfer Course Equivalency Information

Please visit the Course Transfer Equivalency Information page for requirements and limitations.

College/Institution Name: Required
Course Catalog Number: Optional

Format for Course Catalog Number:
ICSI201 (UAlbany catalog number*)
CIS143 (Adirondack CC catalog number)

If a match cannot be found or the Course Catalog Number field remains empty, all courses for the selected External Institution with UAlbany equivalents will be returned.

Course Type: Entered Course is from the selected External Institution
Entered Course is a UAlbany Course
Course Type selection is ignored if Course Catalog Number field is left empty.

*Refer to the Schedule of Classes - Abbreviation Index for details on how University at Albany Course Catalog Numbers are composed.

This information is not a complete database of either all colleges or all courses. The equivalencies listed reflect the most current information available to UAlbany and are revised as new information is received from other colleges.